Destroyable Portals

So I noticed that the portals that spawn chickens have green lights over them. And it reminds me of the metal blockers that have green lights, and go from yellow to red and eventually get destroyed. I was thinking if it could be possible for some waves to have portals that spawn chickens and they won’t stop until the portals are destroyed. Make sure they have a lot of health though so it isn’t too easy. And the portals that cannot be destroyed and disappear once they are done spawning chickens should not have any color lights, similar to the unbreakable metal blockers in some missions.


Spawning enemies typically block the line-of-sight to the portal, so it would be possible to get infinitely stuck on a wave because you can’t damage the portals fast enough.


Well during the portals that cannot be destroyed, I shoot the chickens that spawn from it and some of my bullets actually hit the portal a bit, or maybe the spawn time can be slow so the player has a chance to hit the portal. But if this cannot work out it’s okay! It’s just a suggestion.

Or you can make it a clean sweep mission. The portals would have then medium health points, and if you have high power… that’s it, you can kill chickens fast and easy… the bullets can hit the portal along with the chickens.

Yeah that’s what I’m saying if I shoot the portals fast enough I can hit it, but now I see the problem, what if you have low weapon power and it doesn’t kill all the enemies quick enough and you cannot hit the portal?

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Then it can be a clean sweep mission. It gives you time to kill enough chickens if you have low power up, and the portals just disappear eventually.

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