Deadly egg

What Mother-Hen Ship is deadlier?

  • Mother-Hen Ship Ci2
  • Mother-Hen Ship Ci3
  • Mother-Hen Ship Ci4
  • Idk

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make a topic where you create your polls, not make every single topic about a pointless poll.

calm down this just for fun!

then create 1 topic and make polls in it instead of creating a topic for just one poll

I’m just a beginner sto don’t take it too seriously

At least, recategorize all of them as “Off-topic” instead.

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ok ok i will

I don’t understand why people are going crazy with the CI2 variant.

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It summons chickens and the neutrons are aimed directly at the player in the last two stages.

It was a joke.

This part is easy,honestly. You can easily manipulate it to make it shoot wherever you want

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Because it is the only hard battle
(It we don’t count the remastered of blast of the bast in universe)


Even if is a joke it Is the easest of all of them (at least in my opinion)

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