Damn, it happens again

YAY, my progress reset again.
But this time, my PC freezed in-game. So i just leave it there and finish my dinner. When i came back, it still freeze, nothing responding. And i have to hold the start button for a force shutdown. Guess what? When i come back,
Greetings, recruit!
(You know what is this)

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Delete the v.39 folder to start from v.38 again


And lol, it works! Thanks!!!

Try alt+F4 next time, or do something like ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager and end ciu’s process. If that doesn’t work, try Ctrl+alt+del and then open task manager from there and do the same thing. Don’t resort to forced shotdowns, that’s a guaranteed way of losing your progress.
Though, if you can get back your progress, that works too, I guess.

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Thanks, my progress restored.

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