Damage increase

you know when u get 10 power ups and the weapons behavior only changes when it reached 20 (max power) so i thought on the next release you guys make the weapons damgage increase when it gets over 10+ power ups

There’s one weapon that has this function, it’s Absolver Beam. Listen carefully to the firing sound, it gets deeper when your fire power increase. And no, iA is currently balancing weapons so don’t expect this to happen

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I think at least some of Galbatorix’s suggestions employed this, from memory?

EDIT: I am mistaken.

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Galbatorix is precisely against having more than 12 power levels. Having more than 12 levels breaks the bombers. Also, it might require rebalancing the weapons althogether.


I would suggest additional things to this one.
Increasing the fire rate by 1% (max 8 times)
Reduce overheat by 5% (max 3 times).
2 additional things. but you have to wait for the balancing to be done.


i actually like that

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