Damage amplifiër bug

I’ve noticed that if you die while uſing the damage amplifiër, you loſe whatever remaining time you have with it.

Isn’t this intended?


Maybe. But if ſo, I don’t ſee why it ſhould do this. I juſt figured it was a bug.

This is indeed intended (although a large part of why it’s intended is because it’s much easier to implement than the alternative :slight_smile: )


I’ve noticed that generally when one uſes a ſpecial weapon, one is in a ſpot of trouble, and thus has a high chance of loſing a life. The fact that doïng ſo greatly diminiſhes the ſpecial weapon’s power is an intereſting dynamic, although I’m not entirely ſure why I don’t like it.

Anyway, is there any chance that there will eventuälly be a way to ſelect which kind of ſpecial weapon to uſe in-game?

Yes, that’s planned.