Daily Challenge Bug?

Hello, I’m not sure if this was intended or is a nasty bug, but I’ve been getting some incredibly hard waves in my intermediate daily challenges, which have ruined my 1 life runs. (I am playing on SSH but never encountered such waves before)

You are lucky.

The second image is not that hard, although I died there on my 1 life run as well, but I think it is not as hard as this:

Additionally, one Chicken Roulette wave also have 5 Metal Chickens on each slot, and this is just Veteran. I guess they really like to put those Metal Chickens today.

And then I watched @xdtruedame’s video and asked myself why SSH doesn’t have this wave. SSH stage 10 is easy except for the final boss, while SSH wave 97 is a much easier “Chicken Interleaving”, simply mix Metal-Suit Chickens with 5 Chick UFOs and only 4 Metal Chickens in that wave.

Hmm… Some wave changed each account

You can find these “epic waves” iven on virtuoso

Definitely Lucky

Are daily challenges harder than normal miſſions? Becauſe I haven’t gotten a ſingle wave like theſe (unfortunately) in the laſt ſeveral verſions, and I only fly maximum difficulty miſſions on SSH.

I love playing dailies and weeklies cause of this. They are hard without any pickups or things like that.