"Customize" Bug (maybe)

When I press the Customize button it freezes for 1 second then the game shuts down and I’m at the windows screen. Please help, I could not customize my spacecraft for weeks. My channel has a video that demonstrates this problem

Can you prove it?

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You can go to my channel: DiamondGameZ and you will see a video called: “Customize” bug

cant you just link it??


So this is the video, right?
Also, like thisistrueuser said, you need to link the video so that InterAction Studios can look into the problem cause he’s quite busy refining multiplayer.


Fixed in v.93 :medal_sports: Bug

:warning: To fix this bug, all user preferences will need to be reset . Preferences include: Galaxy hamburger menu (smooth zoom, notifications), Galaxy Overlay, tutorial messages. To avoid corrupting your preferences in the meantime, do not change the sorting of your favourite missions.


so if i was the one to fix it, how do i reset the preferences? or is it you who will reset it?

iA will reset it for everyone in the next update.

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ok thank you for letting me know <3

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