Custom Missions for Multiplayer (or even Single Player)

I know, I know, this has been suggested COUNTLESS times. But hey, everyone has always wanted Custom Missions, right? Well, here’s my proposal:

It can be CHL Exclusive, or not. If anything, some settings can be limited for non-CHL users. This will work for Multiplayer. (Single Player will be optional. Will let iA decide this)


End of Mission score and keys will be cut by 75%. Even so, the maximum amount you can walk away with is 300,000,000 score, and 1,000 keys. Custom missions are meant for multiplayer purposes, not a Farming method.

Mission Factors

Mission Codename: You name it. Maximum of 30 characters.

Wave Count: Minimum of 5, Maximum of 360. (Subject to change by iA)

Stage Count: each stage must be 5 waves or longer. (This would be the most would be 72x5 if the max waves is 360)

Starting Difficulty: Must be 0% or higher. Maximum of 500%. (Do not take this number as an exaggeration)

Final Difficulty: The highest level of difficulty the mission can reach. Must at be the same as, or higher the Starting Difficulty. Maximum of 500%.
(Starting and Final Difficulty Caps will be subject to change by iA.)

Environments: Hot, Frozen, Electric, Massive. Can choose more than one.

Mission Types: Chicken Invasion, Boss Rush, Darkness, Comet Chase, Meteor Storm, Feather Fields, Retro, Supernova, Droid Raid.
CHL Exclusive Mission Type: Double Team

(Choosing more than one mission type will make the mission a Hybrid Mission. Each Stage will choose one of the selected Mission Types.)

Optional Factors

Mission Type weight (that means the likelihood of being selected) can be edited.

Double Team: Boss Fights are replaced with Double Teams. (Should be CHL Exclusive.)

Weapon Training: Every wave, Everyone’s weapon changes to a specific weapon.

No Weapons: No Gift Boxes will drop. This cannot be enabled with No Powerups.

No Charity: No Charity Atoms will drop. This cannot be enabled with No Powerups.

No Powerups: No Atoms will drop. This cannot be enabled with No Weapons and No Charity.

Zombie Mode: Players can keep playing even when out of lives. This will affect enemy health even when disabled.

Starting Firepower: Maximum of 8. Minimum of 0.

Old School: Don’t we all miss the old days? (Food for missiles, Score for Lives.)
This can be adjusted.
Life Requirements: Every 500K, 750K, 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 2.5M or 3M.
Missile Requirements: Every 50 food, 100 food, 200 food, 250 food, 500 food, or 1,000 food.

Please, do not give me a medal for this.


vote for it here:

Should Custom Missions be added?
  • Yes
  • Yes, but CHL Exclusive
  • No. (Please give your reason)

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I truly want to hear those sounds again.


You forgot massive.



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maybe both but limited for non CHL
for example, non CHL users will only can use 300% difficulty and CHL users are up to 500% difficulty



Added Massive Environment. Thanks @MNaeemi777


I also think about this idea but Im too shy for post.
But IA is working on the multiplayer so he less care about these topic

POV: It’s BTD6 Challenge editor

Basically you implemented this to CIU

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It could be made that these missions can only be created if you are orbiting a Hero Academy (so you can’t create them at any time and also because Anniversary Missions are like this).

As fun as this idea is, the ability to add and remove boss fights in any wave number eg: Wave 7 being Mysterious Ship in a 3x10 wave long mission, as a CHL exclusive option would help break the monotony of having a boss fight every X number of waves, while still leaving the option to add other waves in between two boss fights.

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Wish there was a yes, but some features should be locked behind chl option. Custom missions could have the basic stuff for free, while some of the crazier stuff like this could be chl-exclusive(along with stuff like the more insane difficulty limit, no firepower/weapons/charity options and old school mode)

nice idea ! . but CHL Exclusive please .

So, @JustDoIt and @SonicBoy06, any reason given for disagreeing?

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