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so what ya saying is: after we kill it’s metal form. (aka the ci2 final phase) then the yolk gets out of it and then shoots these 3 red lasers like the ci4 mother-hen ship does?


Not necessarily.
I was actually thinking about making the shell stay on during the final stage instead of being completely destroyed in its entirety. At which point it would act like CI4 Mother-Hen Ship’s shell, which has to be removed piece by piece for the player to be able to cause damage to the metal ship.

But your idea would work just as well.
And even if those ideas wouldn’t work too well, I’m sure iA can come up with something that would.


Naaah ci4 mother hen ship is not the same boss, i has whole dofferent behavior and is actually not same as ci3/2 eggs.


Behaviour-wise, maybe. But canonically speaking, it is the same boss and it doesn’t make much sense for the other two to be combined into one and this one to remain untouched.


then ci2 mother is not the same as ci3 hen ship, because the ci2’s mother hen ship is a egg-shaped metal ship which is covered by egg shells, and ci3 mother-hen ship basically just turns into a egg splat, and that egg splat has a yolk, while the metal egg explodes


It’s not the same boss, it’s actually different mother hen ship shot from Egg cannon if ypu remember from CI4 and ci2/3 eggs are the same boss, “blast from the past” title says it all.