Creator/s of the Giant Robotic Space Crabs {BOSS}

This post is created to discuss the potential of this boss.It is mention somewhere in one of the games that they never see the creator of these robotic crabs. Maybe if the player encountered the lair where these robotic crab are being created the player can fight whoever is making it.This is one of many possible answer.

Now maybe with a little assistance from the community this idea can be built up further and eventually reaches into the game.

Everyone suggest ideas and post concept art if you have the capacity to do so.


I think this could be a pretty cool idea! Maybe the boss could be multiple partially-constructed crabs?


Sorry, I meant to ſend this meſſage yeſterday, but it ſeems that there’s a limit on replies per day for new uſers.
Maybe partially-aſſembled robotic crabs could join in the fight?
And if it’s hard enough that it’s generally done juſt once every few weeks (maybe by rebuilding it farther away or guarding it better every time it gets too eaſy) have a ſhortage of GRSCs throughout the game after each deſtruction, until the factory can be rebuilt.