Crab 2.0

We have the GRSC 2.0.What about having the 2 other as well.Attack of the giant crab 2.0 and king of the crabs 2.0.How is that look?

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why though


idk man

The other crabs are already iterations on the original one. I think we have enough crabs.

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Instead, we can rework existing crabs

yeah like dont make them occupy 93% of the screen and expect me to dodge 4 laser balls and the arms

A simple strategy:
Go close to the crab,come down,then move left or right.Repeat.

There are actually only 2 crabs in the game. The 3 ones from 4th Chicken invaders count as one because it’s the same crab with a bit different attacks each time, it’s even stated in the cutscene that it’s the same crab, crab v2 is just upgraded version of ci4’s crab. So there’s no need for more of them.

Wait,I thought they were all the same crab.

Actually now when you think about it, they ARE the same crab.

Poisonous toads don’t change their spots.

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