Copy and Paste and other Keyboard features

Please add several shortcut keys like CTRL+C to Copy CTRL+V Paste CTRL+A Select all, this will make pasting emails/pins a lot easier.


…in the game?
not sure if it’s necessary when the only text boxes you encounter are spacecraft names, color theme names, your callsign, your squadron and e-mail



Sometimes emails can be hard to be written regulary

I agree. It’ll be a lot easier to copy from another place and paste it at CIU.

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Already said this in discord but as the forum is main place for ideas…
Already suggested


Acknowledged, but the effort isn’t worth it. The Windows API is way more complicated than it should be (just look at Clipboard - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn), the editboxes in the game have no support for selection (writing custom GUI code is hard), plus I’d have to consider security implications (because the game must now handle arbitrary input from external non-trusted sources). And lastly, because this: Lines of code for each Chicken Invaders game - #3 by InterAction_studios


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