Contact status overkill

Maybe it’s just me but there is a certain contact I had that updates they are online every 2 seconds.
All other contacts I have are more casual about what mission they are flying or online status which is a nice feature of course and I am not saying the contacts them selves have control over what is transmitted to other contacts?
Point being ,the certain contact I was speaking of updates so much info to me repeatedly that I deleted this person even though I assume no fault of their own. Because it is very distracting when you are trying to make it through a very hard mission with all this info flashing on the screen constantly.
It is only one contact that does this ,not sure why?
I don’t want to name the person as I said they have done nothing wrong but appears to be a glitch.


I remember one my contact was flashing for me as online-offline every second for an hour. It can be bad connection on your contact’s side.


Or they’re trying to farm :v


I also have a contact that keep flashing online/flying a mission

It’s possible they were having network issues, or repeatedly disconnecting to restart a wave that didn’t go their way.

You can disable in-mission notifications from the Galaxy’s “hamburger” menu at the top-left.


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