Constellations without food missions

I already told you that i have a lot of work, but when i have a good time, i play this game and i report every possible thing. I explored only 4 constellations: Centaur, Minyas, Nessus and Timandra. I don’t see any droid with food missions. Some players reported that i can find them only in the systems with Space Burger. I looked there but there is no one. The problem is that the map indicates the presence of some droids in the next near constellations. I don’t think that there are special hours for each constellation when the droids are enabled. I’m pretty sure that in the Minyas constellation i played a food mission. I was in another system, i saw the droid and i said “what is this? quickly after it”, then i played a food mission, but in the next day the droid disappeared and i didn’t see it anymore.

It is possible to have a constellation without food missions? If yes, then what happened with my droid, because i don’t remember any galaxy regeneration process in the near past?

Is possible
(I don’t think is a bug since is like their first introduction)

Seems like they did disappear. I remember that Aleus (in Acrisius) used to have two droids, but now it doesn’t have them.


We destroying droids in the galaxy after all, its normal they to dissapear :sweat_smile:

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It appears that some (all?) droids have indeed disappeared from regions of the galaxy with high density of players. This is due to an “overflow” mechanism used to only keep track of relevant players (to save CPU and bandwidth), and droids were not deemed relevant.

Fixed in v.18
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I also noticed that “Show players locations” option hides the corresponding droids gray stars together with the players locations when is disabled.

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