Connection error

I think I have some sort of connection error, maybe a timed out connection error. Maybe something wrong at IA’s side?

This also happens to Discord too since it said global unavailable

Server can be shut down.
Or your connection is slow.
What happens?

I already stated that. IA didnt said anything about it. Its not connection problem.

It said timed out, but weird enough is that I can access to some other sites, including this CIU forum with no error

That’s actually odd since I checked everything, but some sites are ok, some sites are not, I’m not sure what’s happening

i cannot connect and play too it comes with socket error: SOCKER_ETIMEDOUT

Same here actually, but I think it’s fixed now

Server is offline now I guess
I have same problem

Maybe it going to update CIU Early Access

WHY DID YOU JOIN ? I remembered those flashbacks.

Server had crashed. Crash reason has been identified, will fix (eventually).

Server has been restarted, players can connect again normally.