whenever CIU are talking about backing up data are they talking about this?

No, your save data is in C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios

where is it located can u tell me?

You can click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner and search for “Run” there, you can paste C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU and press Enter on your keyboard, copy all the folders and make a backup of them

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i copy pasted what u told me in run and this showed up

i opened these folders they say its cache of CUI do i need to copy both of em ? and where do i need to inject em in case i lose my data and also lets say im on tier 27 and i did my back up so does this mean if i lose data ill start from tier 27? if backup required regularly as i progress more into the game?

He meant the entire CIU folder if you didn’t know.

i didnt get that show me how? i copied these files 54 and 55 and put them in a new folder or should i put them in chicken invaders folder?

In short: copy the 54 and 55 folder somewhere (make sure to remember where you saved it) and delete the CIU folder you have in C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios and then a new account will be made.
If you want your old data back, just paste it to InterAction studios folder and your old data will be back.

54 and 55 are the versions of the game. you need to make a backup of them, because then if your progress gets reset, you can paste the backups into the CIU folder and restore your old account.

oh thanks so i just need to paste these folders into the chicken invader folder and i can get my progress back thats good does this also means i can transfer my account from one laptop to another?

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i had to re install my windows and i didnt have any backup like this so i contacted IA and they were kind enough to give me my account back

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Good for you then.

yeah but I also want to know how to back up because I can’t go crying to them every time I lose my data

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