🎖 Competition Challenge - Season 1

Competition Challenge#7’s Audition Status : Closed

Time Left : Over

**This post will always stay here for competitors prepare a tough challenge in competition and maybe I will add someone in randomly. If every competitors are here already, CC#7 will begin right away soon. Please take your time for practice to make your skills and capable in your favorite mission before CC#7’s begin.


Let’s try.

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To @T-59

Please wait for this audition officially opened to participate in this competition. Also, Qualifying Challenge will be sent to you too.

**Set your date time to prepare for qualifying challenge of this competition.

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This is it, @T-59
Qualifying Challenge of CC#7

This one will be counted with serious challenge from CLC, so please beat this one to be a competitor of CC#7 and prepare for the tough challenge incoming soon when you earn it.

Good Luck

Qualifying Challenge: Defend yourself from comets incoming by not dying once and clear those comets less than 5 times per waves

**This will be counted after you complete the previous match first.

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This is it, @christian_f
Qualifying Challenge of CC#7

Do your best to become a competitor of CC in this CC#7.
Good Luck

Qualifying Challenge: Do a one massive Multi-Kill at least 3 times (more than +4,000 points) in one entire match and try not to lose any dare points

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Well Done, @christian_f
That is an awesome multi-kill which should be fine.

Welcome to the official CC#7, christian_f
CC#7’s Audition: Access Granted

:new: christian_f has been completed from qualifying challenge and become a competitor of CC#7

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sorry. I can’t play CIU this month.

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Well, I think you will coming back again for the next CC in the future (after this month).

Stay safe out there


This is it, @Crashie
Qualifying Challenge of CC#7

Remember, you must focus on challenge rules carefully before you enter the session. It’s important keys to beat this one.
Good Luck

Qualifying Challenge: Collect more than 170 foods and try not to lost any dare points

*This will be easy one for you, but watch out now. When you beat it, the tough one in a real competition will be dare you.


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One thing left… I know.
Where’s your results?

Good Work, @Crashie
You prove that you can beat this one and I lost a dare points. In the real competition will getting more difficult, so prepare for now.

Welcome to the official CC#7, Crashie
CC#7’s Audition: Access Granted

:new: Crashie has been completed from qualifying challenge and become a competitor of CC#7

Attention Please

CC#7’s Audition is over, and we got some competitor to participate in this CC.

Here's for all competitors of CC#7


We know that didn’t expected happen, but we still continue for the real competition.

An official CC#7 will be begin for competition on tomorrow 16:30 PM (in my time zone), so please prepare yourself to gonna fight each others in this competition by complete the challenge and try to gain the 1st place before the other competitors will grabbed it. And please set your time to complete this competition too, because all competitors must participate in Competition Challenge within time limit.

Find out together in this CC#7 for who’s the best challenger in CIU will be inscribed in the history of CIU’s universe.

Also for CC#Final, all winners should be stay active before the final showdown begin after CC#8’s over.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

May the Forks be with You

From, Bigmos
President, Owner of CLC and Committee of CC

#CLC #ChattingPlace

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Well, the competition might be finished easily though

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Competition Challenge#7

Official Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen all pilots, recruits and challengers from CLC and Chatting Place. Welcome to the CLC’s Competition Challenge#7.

CC-S1 is almost over, because we’re almost coming to the end of the edge of CC. Everyone, please make sure that our purposes will be unite and history to the CIU’s universe timeline.

Also, the grand competition like “Competition Challenge#Final”, which is the final showdown of this season, is now officially preparing and settling for all winners of CC to beat against impossible challenge that will be test to all of them (Coming Soon).

So as not to waste time, please welcome to this competitors :

These competitors will gonna fight each others in this competition challenge with the same challenge to find out who’s the best competitor in CIU’s universe.

For the Competition Challenge#7 today is…

Comet Shooter

UHF Competitive Course has create for this bounty hunter “Clora G. Benkien”, who’s the best of comet destroyer in the CIU’s universe. These competitors must prepare for destroy those comets as many as they can within time limit to make this bounty hunter proud to one of them.

For the first one has destroy those comets in the most from each mission, will be given this trophy and reward

:trophy: and :1st_place_medal: Competition Challenge#7 - Comet Shooter
:2nd_place_medal: Competition Competition Challenge#7 - Comet Shooter

Here’s your challenge : Destroy comets as many as you can without dying

:warning: Warning:

  1. Competitors of CC’s skill has been replaced into Veteran
  2. Competitors of CC must equipped the spaceship like Muller and H&C (BX are not required)
  3. 4 Mission limited for this competition (Difficulty of more than 45% is required)

Score Rules for this CC:
Each 1 comet destroyed: +1,000 points
Defeat the Boss: +5,000 points
Complete entire mission : +10,000 points
Choose the wrong spaceship : -2,500 points
Choose a wrong skill in each mission : -5,000 points
Each 1 die : -500 points

Bonus score for who’s finished this competition first :
1st place : +50,000 points
2nd place : +25,000 points

For if all competitors completed this challenge rule, you will able to claim this reward too.


All competitors have to complete this CC#7 within 4 days of time limit

So, what are you waiting for, competitors. UHF are depending on all of you.
Competition Challenge#7 - Comet Shooter is starting…

May the Forks be with You, all competitors of CC

#CLC #ChattingPlace

Time Remaining of Competition : 4 Days


K I will take it later

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