🎖 Competition Challenge - Season 1

Answer : It’s mean your progress that will be a good experience for everything in-game and this forum too.


I solemnly swear my progress during this competition will be beneficial for me as well as the community


Watch out for christian_f that he was a competitor of every previous CC, he will shine up to beat the other competitors to be the first place again.

Qualifying Challenge : Collect coins as many as possible in meteor section without dying more than 2 times

Role for competitor of CC is waiting for you, @ThisIsChristianF.
Good Luck


Here, I just collect all the coins that dropped on each wave


Perfect, there was an easy one for this challenge.
But prepare for a hard one, @ThisIsChristianF. This challenge might be advanced to the next difficult on this CC.

Find out in this CC#4 when it’s prepared to start a competition soon.
:point_right: Access Granted


This is it, @SOLAR.
A qualifying challenge of this CC#4

Good Luck out there

Qualifying Challenge : Complete a Squawk Block with difficult 65% in a friendly match by send everything you have and try not to lost any dare points.




Extraordinary, @SOLAR
You prove your skills and tactical by beating this qualifying challenge.

Welcome to the CC#4
:point_right: Access Granted

Please wait for announcement incoming to every competitors tonight.
See you soon on CC#4, SOLAR

May the Forks be with You

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Attention Please to all pilots, recruits and challengers of CLC

After I officially opened CC#4’s Audition to find out who will be a competitor of CC for 2 days, we have all competitors for this CC now.

For this reason, I have to official announcement for reveal all competitors of CC in this CC#4 today.

Here's for all competitors of CC#4


These competitors have been joined in here by complete a qualifying challenge and they were prepared for official competition in this CC#4 for now.

An official CC#4 will be begin for competition on tomorrow 14:00 AM (in my time zone), so please prepare yourself to gonna fight each others in this competition by complete the challenge and try to gain the 1st place before the other competitors will grabbed it. And please set your time to complete this competition too, because all competitors must participate in Competition Challenge within time limit.

Find out together in this CC#4 for who’s the best challenger in CIU will be inscribed in the history of CIU’s universe.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

May the Forks be with You

Owner of CLC and Committee of CC

#CLC #ChattingPlace


What time zone are you in?

Also by 14:00 AM do you mean 2 PM or 2 AM?


For now on it’s 9:49 PM, my time zone is on Asia.

It’s 2 PM, @Chimmo.


Hmm so lets round it off to 10 PM for you. My time here right now is 8:20 PM Which means I am 2 hours 40 mins behind yours. Alright I got it now thanks for the quick reply!


Competition Challenge#4

Official Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen all pilots, recruits and challengers from CLC and Chatting Place. Welcome to the CLC’s Competition Challenge#4.

After Competition Challenge#3 - Doom of Darkness has been completed for 2 weeks before offline for 1 month, it’s time for this Competition Challenge will getting serious about score points when CLC is back online as phase 2.

Also, the Competition Challenge for now on is the first season when CC’s Forum is back online too.

So as not to waste time, please welcome to this competitors :
@Ahmed577 : Recruit of CLC
@Chimmo : Recruit of CLC
@ThisIsChristianF : Senior Challenger of CLC and the most participate to all previous CC
@SOLAR : Recruit of CLC

These competitors will gonna fight each others in this competition challenge with the same challenge to find out who’s the best challenger in CIU’s universe.

For the Competition Challenge#4 today is…

Coin Collection of Madness

Andrew “Hector” Maritian, Secondary Director of UHF’s Account Association wanted for all competitors of CC to travel across the galaxy to CI4’s universe to collect coins as many as possible. But he gives three rules to complete this special mission.

  1. All competitors of CC must equip with Photon Swarm and don’t collect every weapons in entire mission.
  2. All competitors of CC must use spaceship like BX (H&C and Muller are not required).
  3. All competitors of CC must change your background as CI4’s background for this mission.

For the first one has collected coins the most from each mission, will be given this trophy and reward

:trophy: and :1st_place_medal: Competition Challenge#4 - Coin Collection of Madness
:2nd_place_medal: Competition Challenge#4 - Coin Collection of Madness
:3rd_place_medal: Competition Challenge#4 - Coin Collection of Madness

Here’s your challenge : Collect coins more than 1,000 coins in overall from 3 missions

:warning: Warning : Complete in each mission without dying more than 3 times, or otherwise you will lost a score points.

Recommended : Use a comet chase or supernova’s mission to earn more coins to make your score getting advantage

Score Rules for this CC :

  • Each 1 coins : +50 points
  • Defeat the Boss : +5,000 points
  • Complete entire mission : +10,000 points
  • Choosing a wrong spaceship : -1,000 points
  • Dying more than 3 times in each mission : -750 points
  • Change your weapon : -500 points
  • Didn’t change your background : -250 points

Bonus score for who’s finished this competition first :
1st place : +20,000 points
2nd place : +10,000 points
3rd place : +5,000 points
From 4th place down : No points

For if all competitors completed this challenge rule, you will able to claim this reward too.


All competitors have to complete this CC#4 within 5 days of time limit.

So, what are you waiting for, competitors. UHF is depending on all of you.
Competition Challenge#4 - Coin Collection of Madness is starting…

May the Forks be with You, all competitors of CC

#CLC #ChattingPlace

Time Remaining of Competition : Over


But how do we know the amount of coins collected?


You need to keep remember those coins that you collect them from each waves to entire mission. And share your progress to committee of CC to calculated the results and advanced to the next mission.

Try not to lose a score points, @Chimmo.


Hmm you mean to say I should count the coins as I collect them? But that’s difficult for me when I do supernova missions. Also how many points does one coin award?


Each 1 coins : +50 points

Ex. 354 coins from 1st mission, that’s mean 17,700 points.

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I still can’t count coins and destroy supernova debris at the same time. is there a workaround for this?


No, you need to keep focus on collect those coins carefully. After that, you will pass it easily.

You need to ask Senior Challenger of CLC like @ThisIsChristianF about this reason, Chimmo. He will learn more thing that you will need to remember about that thing.

Remember, “Learning is a good experience”.


All competitors of CC#4


Don’t forget to take your screenshot of mission and tell your coins that you collected it in each mission to committee of CC for calculated the results within time limits. Remember, who’s completed this competition first, will be gain a bonus points from 1st place to 4th place.