Comet chase and crazy/master squawker ideas

  • The Comet Chose missions could be more cool if they were like feather fields missions, ship needs to rotate and avoid incoming comets flying behind.
  • I think that crazy and master squawker should be in boss rushes and normal chicken Invasion.
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I didn’t understand. You mean Comet Chase should be something like Supernova mission?

They are already suggested. Also, why do you want Crazy Squawker in boss rush? It is same Big Chicken.

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In feather fields the feathers are coming at you, now imagine that there is no feathers, but behind you comets start to fly…

  • And one more about mysterious ship approaches boss: my idea was that egg deforms when you kill of 25% of his health. Next deformation at 50%, next at 75% and then at 100% complete destruction… .

This is the example, now imagine that there were no feather, but behind you there were comets.

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How is the player supposed to fly around on boss rush?

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