Comet and meteor storm


stop creating bullet hell

why is the danger zone and safe zone are in the same spot?


Safe for meteor and danger for comet

But the spacecraft cant even go that lower on the screen.


Sorry, i think this thing is too hard. Althought i like it. because it would make other player (especialy casual) cannot complete it.

I still think there’s possibility of this works. Just decrease meteor and comets size and frequency.


This is hard but a good wave

Because it is safe and danger for both meteor and comet

If so, zones mustn’t appear.

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Ok It didn’t happen

Well I basicly like this mission but the safe or danger zone shouldn’t appear just like comet/meteor storm missions since asteroids and comets could enter at any direction.

I think that the danger zone is that Danger zone is because the wave of comet chase in chicken invaders 3

Ok, how about comets and asteroids not appear at the same time because it’s liderally impossible, so when comets appear it’ll be a danger zone and when asteroids appear it’ll be a safe zone.

Ya this is happening

Zooming the field maybe a good idea for this type of mission

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