Color Theme Idea (Heat Bar, Overdrive/Accumulator Gauge)

I find something annoying when it comes to color themes: the color palette of Heat is the same one used for the Overdrive/Accumulator gauge.

First of all, when it comes to color palettes, the Overdrive gauge only copies the second color from the Heat bar. For example, from left to right, my Heat bar goes from green to red. Therefore, my Overdrive gauge is as red as the very right of the bar.

Second, the Accumulator gauge copies the entirety of the color palette from the Heat bar, which means the gauge goes from green to red as well. For instance, I’d rather have my gauge with the same colors, but reversed to make it look better in my opinion, by changing the gauge’s palette.

@InterAction_studios , can you update the color theme menu so that the Heat bar, the Overdrive and Accumulator gauges have separate color palettes instead of sharing the same one?

What do you think about my idea, everyone?

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Didn’t he ask you to poll this?

  • Extended colour customisation
  • Leave as is
  • Neutral

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Oh, my bad. But since you just did it for me, I guess it is unnecessary for me to add one in my topic. Thanks, pal!


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