Cloud saving

Is the ability to cloud saving is free for all, disable entirely or still require the license? I check back the license feature and ability to cloud saving disappear
Also there is a no ads feature too, maybe for a future mobile version? Because if the early access banner got removed and replace with banner of ads on PC game look kinda out of place

Early access banner will be hidden on PC version after release. Movile versions will have AD at its place.

I don’t really see the point of cloud saving. You can link your account to an e-mail for free, and then use it anywhere you want. To do so, select your account and press “Change e-mail”, then enter the one you want to use. If you want to restore your progress, just use “Link account” button. It will send a confirmation PIN-code to your e-mail (it may drop in Spam folder tho).


It’s the one i was talking about, restore your progress when you link your account on different or new device

Oh, okay. I thought you mean the Steam cloud saving.

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