Close Encounters

So we have asteroid simulation and droid simulation but now we have Close encounters wava from CI3
Maximum waves : 18
Boss in mission: any CI3 boss
also the more difficult mission the bigger the UFO`s are

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I didn’t understand anything, even after reading again.

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wow good idea

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He’s talking about making a whole new mission type out of the CI3 Close Encounters wave.
Which, frankly… ehhhhh.
I don’t really see how you could take that wave and make interesting enough to make a mission type out of. I don’t really think it’s fit for that.

I do think that the wave and the enemy itself should probably be added at some point, but I think it’d only make sense if new waves that use these UFOs are created as well (and that applies to the other missing CI3 enemies - rogue missiles, egg ships, egg drones)


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