Clean Sweep Idea

When I destroy a chicken UFO in a wave that you have to kill all the chickens in the wave to go to the next wave (Example: First Impression),
The Falling UFO extends the progress of the wave which it can escape and you don’t need to destroy it. when you destroy all UFOs, You should get for that the “Clean Sweep” Bonus, But you don’t get it.

@InterAction_studios My Idea is About that we should get “Clean Sweep” Bonus in waves Like “First Impression” or “Chicks ‘n’ Chickens” Only If UFOs appeared in the waves and you destroyed the falling ones.

You really don’t have to say “must”. It should be “should”.


Sorry. My bad Grammer.

It’s okay.

The chick/en ufos give to you more points what when you make them fall, and its a object classfied to kill, isnt nessesary to put this in the ufos, also, they didn’t disappear

They fall off-screen then disappear bruh

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