CIU weapon balance program - Part 4: Photon Swarm

That’s nice, can I use your images in my post’s edit?

Sure thing, go ahead.

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For the first time I disagree with you
Making a gun rng-based is not a good thing at all.
Fun but not good.
Why someone should pick up a weapon that doesn’t deal consistent and fixed damage until last levels?
Ok… I know that riddler and corn shotgun are a thing but:
1)They gain accuracy on higher power levels
2)The crit hits are generally bad (have you ever played pokemon on competitive side?)
3) (Especially corn shotgun) dealing less damage than expected is frustrating (even if it can make you lose a life for that 1 more hit neded)

Another thing:
Why did you suggested to make positron steam/plasma rifle more transparent but not THIS?
Photon swarm can cover up to 1/4 (and more?) of your screen visibility! I like the weapon but visually is too dangerous to pick! I can’t be the only one who prefer to gather an egg over this…


Just gonna say, it’s not actually the projectiles themselves that are the problem, it’s the flares that cover everything up.
Removing the flares when the weapon’s design will be getting reworked would solve the problem, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

The flares are removed if you play with lower quality,so you can test it out and see how it affects the gameplay.
Take a look at this


I didn’t know that the flares are disabled with low detail, but I was pretty sure that it’d help since the projectiles are already mostly transparent.
Here’s how my picture looks without the flares (with eggs as reference).

You can see the eggs quite clearly.

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I was concidering inclusion of the “transparency” thing. But as I played with this gun for a while to test things out, it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Well, Photon Swarm is indeed a gun that blocks a lot of vision, but I think it is far, far better than Laser Cannon in that regard. In case of Posiron Stream I suggested the transparency, mainly because the idea of “easy to use gun”.

But I see now, that most people find this a serious problem of Photon Swarm, so I think I will add this to the original post. Ppl want this, and it doesn’t really collide with any of the ideas I have for this weapon anyways. Lowering the opacity of photon tails, or as you guys proposed, disabling the flares. Both solutions should work quite well.


Oh man, Photons are definitely my favourite weapon and I’d LOVE these changes! Though, in my opinion the max power jump makes it unique in its own way.

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I find it weird that people dislike the damage spikes in these weapons. I mean,you get the last power level after like 10 levels or so without any improvement to firepower whatsoever. I’d like to say that the weapons in ci2 had their damage more than even doubled at max power and it wasn’t broken a slightest bit. It’s supposed to be a “super-secret power level”,after all. But okay,I guess.
Don’t get me wrong,I do like the changes Galbatorix proposed,but I just needed to point this out.


Yep. That feeling when you finally got max level neutron gun in CI2. Nothing beats it.


Hmmm, when did CIU2 release again?

I ensure you that at low graphic is still hard to see for someone with eye problems (like me) if there is an egg under the swarm.
A weapon should be playable for everyone

Definitely agree

I alwais considered Photon swarm a “nobby” weapon due to “hold manual fire to shot good”

ci 2 was released in 2002

:roll_eyes: i guess the changes galbatorix proposed are fine. but i only dont like ion blaster change.

i dont mean it in bad way galbatorix. the changes are good.

What parts about it do you not like?
Gotta be honest, the Ion Blaster changes seemed kinda weird (for lack of a better word) to me at first, but I did end up liking them.

I’d just like to say this…Galbatorix sure knows how to do this. I’d never be able to think of all of these changes…


@BoggY Yes, it is unique mechanic indeed(i mean the color change, lighntning fryer has >50% dmg increase), but is it worth it gameplay-wise? I think that increasing the number of orange photons is a fair trade for that.

@Orandza It’s not that I dislike the damage spike from level 10-20. In CI2 it worked well, of course it did! When all weapons are designed this way, there is no problem in that. My problem with the 50% power increase is very simple. As I stated in part 2, I am trying to balance out current weapons based on the “Utensil Poker & Neutron Gun model”, because those two guns are most succesful right now.

Having a 50% powerspike weapon in the roster together with one that hasn’t the powerspike simply cannot be balanced. Either lvl 10 of the powerspike weapon will be to weak or lvl 20 will be too strong. I decided to stick with the current Neutron/Utensil model for various reasons (less changes, based on sth that works right now, easier calculations), but TBH I think that the CL2 model was indeed much better. Long story short: All weapons have huge powerspike or none has, no middle ground.

I also want to answer the RNG aspect that @Stardrone brought up, but now I don’t have enough time to answer this in-depth enough. I will come back to this topic tomorrow.


the neutron gun has changed a lot. the thing that i would love to see on the new neutron gun on max lv is the spread that old neutron gun had.

I assure you the old neutron gun was better than this one we have now.