CIU version 144

Inactivity and league inactivity are different terms.

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I think there is a need to sell squadron licenses

Is it possible to have the safe zones for Skyscrapers (and maybe Demolition Crew) to be removed and replaced with a length size warning zone at the top? In some cases, the safe zones in Skyscrapers wouldn’t be that helpful, since the width of each “building” can be in the area where the safe zone is, putting you at risk of being hit as they come in.

Not going to happen, IA said before (can’t seem to find the quote…) that it would complicate the backend if squads could be deleted.


It’ll say “Equipment is not sellable!” so you couldn’t make squadron license to sell.

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If I quote my answer post, here’s:


Ever think about adding more slots to the mission music, cuisines, backgrounds? There are a lot of good songs and sometimes it can be hard to choose which ones to go with, maybe we could add a few more slots to those.

If that ever happens, then I’d prefer to have separate pages for functional and cosmetic mission slots.


opened ciu and its bugged between my 2 monitors
edit: restarted the game now its normal


am i the only one who sees



Damn Plasma, why kind of device do you have😳

Good idea

No, he’s not having a monitor even it’s just a capture of fps bar in his post, not him.

Yeah sometimes in wi dow mode it will move somewhere else

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Please refrain from making posts like “good idea”, “good question”, “agreed”, “+1” and other such comments. The like button (:heart:) is there for stuff like that.


a simple suggestion which i’m not sure whether it has been suggested yet:

if a ship in your fleet has something equipped, the game marks it for you, so you know where you left that one weapon at

should your fleet mark ships that have equipment loaded?
  • yes
  • no
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Uhm actually will it work for hardpoints ?

“something equipped” should tell you

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Bug ? I was playing Feather field mission and I was using absolver beam, In wave “Feather clumps”, laser Gatling chick spawned hidden behind the feathers. I used fully charged absolver beam on that but then I saw Gatling chick didn’t take and damage .

Also I am confused with one thing that sometimes it took damage. because I saw it sometimes it did not takes damage and sometimes I saw chick is moving freely.

How much firepower did you have and are you sure that you hit the Gatling Chick