CIU Third anniversary Multiplayer

Since CI2 is almost 20 years old, will it have an anniversary mission same as the first chicken invaders.


The first CI game is free, so it got a free anniversary mission. All the other CI games are paid, so they might be added as paid DLC’s in the future since there’s quite the demand from fans to remake the CI games. But it’s still not very likely.

What about including it to CHL, or will that become Pay to win

why not do something for CIU’s 3rd anniversary

Eh, adding them as separate DLC’s would be more flexible for users and would be better appreciated by the fans. A discount bundle combining all the Ci episode DLC’s and CHL wouldn’t be such a bad idea tho.

Also, I had no idea we only had 3 days left before the 3rd anniversary of CIU would come, we gotta host a big multiplayer room then.

Edit: Damn, iA listened

Let IA host and get 30 players join room

I will change the topic now

Also great timing since its the space burger party. (I have left to find more missions)

might happen at some point, idk


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