CIU rebalance ideas

I thought I said about the part which was about the chicken multiplicity so why I wasn’t included in the credits? (I know the original post).

Which part exactly(and where? So I can find it)?
There’s a lot that was suggested, I likely forgot

about the cowards and armored chickens and berserk chicks and that stuff. Link: Ideas to make Chicken Multiplicity harder I might’ve striked out that, but still.

Yes, but several people suggested it before you. I’m looking for the people who suggested these first.

That’s actuälly a really good idea: make the microgun pop bubbles, reſulting in the bubble randomly flying around at high ſpeed as it deflates, like a balloon when you let go of it.


Oh right. Robocat was the first to come up with that idea though. Link: New Chicken Multiplicity 2.0 or Buff original


Huh. Didn’t think of that, but sounds really good. I’ll quote it in the post and include you in credits, thanks.

Akemisora did it 15 days earlier, and there’s a link for it in my post. That being said, I should probably go ahead and edit in their name in the credits section.

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Wait that’s 2020, robocat was in 2019.

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Oh, damn, you’re right. I didn’t notice that. Will include that instead, thanks

You’re welcome. :+1:


It’s also worth mentioning regarding the Space Race that you also have to buy a lot of Speedy Recoveries now


Well, robocat’s idea is very very overbuffing the chicken multiplicity :grin:


lol Ikr. I only said cowards and armored chickens and assassin/berserk chicks tho.

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Like I said once, it’d be easier and fairer to disable special weapons and other perishables on space races altogether. Or maybe give 3 mines or missiles to every single player in the first wave in case getting rid of special weapons entirely would make them tedious.


Yes, and in the description can say “We’re in hurry, so no time for prepraration!”


Included it in the post.


Am I the only one who finds bosses hard at 100% SSH?

This is chicken invaders not a bullet hell!

And because coherence is a thing you also want that:

I mean…
You want an easy boss phase nerfed (ok… I can stand that you suggested to add terminators in phase 2 too) but buffing an already strong boss making it almost unbeatable with bombers?

In my opinion bosses are fine the way they are right now. New new skill levels are foreshadowed.

If bosses get…

…now (with SSH the hardest skill), how will they get buffed even more?


Why fake quoting is still a thing? Still…
I used this “feature” without chainging the meaning of the original intent… forgive me

I understand that some players are way more skilled than me but in my opinion “there is a time and a place for everything… but not now”

Also (little off topic that still is in the topic) as far as difficulties goes Terraria handles difficulty levels in a way chicken invaders should try in future updates: in expert (and the upcoming master) mode both enemies and bosses gets a-lot-better-AI and more attacks.

Some of your boss buffs (Like Henperor apprentice’s) are really well done and I would like to see them in the game, but in difficulties harder than superstar hero.

The difficulty spike in universe is still the widest in the history of the series and harder missions are way harder than ROTY was.

I don’t want chicken invaders to be turned into “Bullet hen”


None of these have to be for ssh+100% difficulty specifically. They could be for the max possible difficulty with the upcoming highest skill level+100% difficulty, I’d be perfectly fine with that.


certainly good ideas overall but

that was how the first versions had it due to it being like that in the main series as well but it makes a lot of waves like do not cross and lethal connections too easy if you destroy them so i’m more with the infinite health idea

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WARNING: Text wall incoming. Grab yourself a cup of tea or a box of popcorn or something before continuing. :popcorn:

Agreed. Also, like I posted in another topic discussing this:

Also agreed - Space Race is pretty awfully broken at the moment.

More keen on the second idea, myself.

I’d prefer to see tweaks to the speed that the knives fly through the air.

I think it would be cool if the rate that it fires projectiles increases as it’s health decreases. So toward the end of the fight it’s just spraying projectiles everywhere, to the point where if you don’t destroy it fast it will almost definitely hit you.

Chicken Multiplicity is fine atm, in my opinion. I know it’s not a popular opinion - but I feel like it works quite well.

Again, I actually lose a life to this one more frequently than I’d like to admit on higher difficulties.

I think the lasers should alternate between moving clockwise and counter-clockwise, so you have to keep in mind which way they went last time.
A lightsaber would be cool but it’s almost too much of a change in my opinion.

I think semi-randomizing the loadout of UCO would be cool to see.

Fully agree, though it would need to be across all difficulties.

With the wrong weapons you can be toast in this wave, I think it’s alright.

I’d actually like to see it cleverly merged with the CI4 Mother-Hen ship (for a few reasons) - but that’s a significant overhaul and belongs in it’s own topic, so I’ll do that.

I’d rather have them come in from off-screen, but sure.

I liked @OneWingLunarian’s recent proposed changes for this one.

Again, I feel like this boss is only weak because the current viable weapons are good for it - once some of the others get buffed I’m not convinced it will still be weak.

Or we could make it spawn more deadly chick types…? Beserks and Assassins would be nice to see.

I also feel like it’s fine (other than the ramming issue you mentioned)

I keep coming back to this, but I honestly feel like stronger chicken types would fix this entirely.

I think they’re fine atm.

Agree that they should be much much cheaper. Same for thrust vector and invulnerability extension.

Laser price cut is good, strobe should stay cosmetic in my opinion.
But the sooner they become re-colourable the better.

This doesn’t really bother me. Main themes/boss themes are more memorable, and therefore should be more expensive.

Why is Speedy Recovery even a thing, it seems so unnecessary…

Full support.

Well, some of them are definitely worse than others, but I think you’re right that a lot of people are overestimating how hard they should be. I’m not a huge fan of the recent Mysterious Ship changes, myself, for that very reason. Some bosses (like Hend Game/Egg Cannon) should definitely be stronger, but plenty are fine as-is, so I agree.

I think people overlook these facts a lot, and its a good point to raise. Many people here are, like the best CI players at all, and the idea that SSH (which is only the third highest difficulty) needs to be a super crazy challenge for those people does kind of overlook the audience of the game.

The highest difficulty should be absolutely crazy, I agree. But SSH should just be, like, decently hard, which I feel (other than a few exceptions) it already is.