CIU on switch (kinda) :)

it’s the android version and i’m running lineage on my console, touchscreen seems working fine, i should try mapping the joycons for shooting and moving around the menus, or maybe InterAction could add controller support on android :eyes:

UPDATE: the joycons actually works, i can move the ship with the left one but i still need to fire with the onscreen button, but i think its a simple fix to just map a button to emulate a press on the fire button


Wut is that real and true?


Top G alert.


Man, are you sure you are not Linus Tech Tip?


FPS seems kinda “playable”


sure can play mutiplayer :sweat_smile:


don’t know if you have noticed what i have written in the post, but it’s actually android running on the switch and i’m playing the android version of the game

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was just that frame that lagged😅 the game runs fine limited at 30fps, don’t have tried 60 or Unlimited fps because of limited battery life


i’ve played a game online with someone and worked! the guy paused midgame for so long that i got bored and i quit, but still i played

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h o w

20 fps is enough
-Playing on intel pentium 3

real? An 700MHz CPU still can handle CIU?
Guess that’s Windows Vista

no windows 10 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are you… what???
If I’m not wrong, Pentium 3 Base speed is only 700MHz. How???
Upgrade without formatting is not available, but install it using usb boot is available :neutral_face:

Think we’re off topic from now

nah bro i overclocked it.

I’d love to know why they don’t port the series onto Consoles. All they really need is Xbox/Playstation/Switch controls and that’s pretty much it.

oh ok. Trusted Installer is tricked

You up ROM lineage os on Nintendo switch?

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