CIU league chatting place 🏆

Wtf did you pinged me?! I didn’t even dare you.

Why You Giving Them Useless Pings?

Don’t even bother, his answer will be more stupid.



Same goes for his terrible grammar

Don’t worry @Robocat, the next one will be so easy.
This is only the beginning of CIU’s League Challenge, so prepare yourself and lock & load for the next challenge.

**CIU’s League Challenge will be added in the forum soon, read all description of challenge details to beat it

RoboCat’s Challenge Record
:medal_sports: Challenge Completed : 0
:medal_sports: Challenge Failed : 1

CIU’s League Challenge

You have lost a big amount of coins, the main source of score in boss rushes. I would recommend not to use bomber if you’re sure you can finish the mission.


He’s a coward, that’s why he use the phaseouts.
There’s a way to ban items on public dares? Would like to push him down from his throne of lies loweing him to the real battlegrounds.


You should also enable “Tone down effects” in options -> gameplay to minimize the vibration when picking up items and fighting hard.

I knew, i wanted to complete the mission faster (bomber = more damage)
KaizoKaioticVN, thx for advice

You really need to work on your english


Say something better instead of just giving us a stroke
Plus, You were telling me to delete my post and I don’t care

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Say it Better Instead of Killing Our Brains
My Brain Really want To Die Because of you

Eh I ignored 2sN so I can’t see what he is saying
But today when I woke up is a this huge number of replies in my topic




Yes Replies Happening Because Of 2sN

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you are stroke
i just dare me

Don’t worry about him, I wil send some challenge to shut his word

you can’t dare yourself


1st off, for everyone: should we move to chatting place or ia is gonna push the close button in this topic?
2nd of all, to you, 2sN, you just @ someone means you have pinged someone, pinging means that you mention someone in social media
3rd, like everyone said b4: work on your english and make people understand what you are saying, idc you confirm it, but improve if possible

as of rn, it’s isnt implemented in the game (or not)

tl:dr: work on your english, and improve your mentality

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