CIPD, The Original


CIPD = Chicken Invaders Plot Design
This is a little game that I thought about.
We need to make a plot for the 6th game, but, everyone can say only one sentence.
how it will work: Someone will start with a sentence, than somebody will reply with another sentence, and than someone else will reply with another sentence and so on and so on…


First, there was a light blue pinecone which decided to destroy California using an Orbital Massacre Gun as revenge for the Discord Civil War of 2019.

(Good luck with that lmao)


But now there is a problem bigger than light blue galactical pinecone which can make Henpire great again with photon wall.


And it turned out that Mr. Big Chicken #214748363 was behind all of this


Although he ſomehow managed to negotiäte leſs funding for the photon wall than he was originally offered.


Our only ally betray us, they will build a giant egg cannon that is able to shoot eggs as big as the Henterprise.


Than chickens decided if the feathers were’t enough to block the sun, they decided to freeze it over with their newest technology, and now there is a pwrmanent ice age on Earth.


And then everyone exploded.


add shop key ci6
add archivem & save google play game ci6
add Persian language &
war in iran


I want to be game developer, but its not posible like your wishes.


What did you mean by saying “add war in iran”?


-War in Iran has been started
-Improved login speed


Omg I found it!


Short miſſion!


Please do not insult.


Insult? With what?


Why the war in Iran?


He doesnt insult anyone, he just found a new mission codename.


Okay, but it may cause trouble later


it’s a joke