CIPD 2, the sequel!

CIPD = Chicken Invaders Plot Design
This is a sequel to my previous/first plot design post
The link is for the first post , where all of the rules are, so if your’e new/don’t remember the rules, please click the link…
Edit 1: From what I see, I think that it will be okay if you people tell the rest of the plot with 2 sentences instead of 1, but only if you really need to!.

chickens, for six hundred thousand years, we have ea–ugh, you already know that, don’t you? it all begins in the year 3119, 1000 years after CIU’s endless plot, as the earth, as usual, has been stuffing chicken meat into buns, grilled 'em all and so, the chickens have grown pretty insane after getting defeated for too many times, they have thought of a ‘DOOM OF CLUCK-RYONE PROJECT’ which used all of their previous battleships and turned it into a giant DEATH machine, for instance they haven’t done anything for hundred years (if it’s TOO confusing for ya, let’s say…3019-3119,) the recruits thought they finally gave up, boy…they were horribly wrong, the chickens have been working on that deadly machine which…would end the WHOLE universe, however as how much space and work it took, it’ll probably be operational for seventeen weeks, so the heroes have time to stop them before internal doom.


Just because you don’t put dots doesn’t exempt you from the one sentence rule xD I mean look at how much you wrote!


but we wanted a proper start of the story right? you can’t start the story without writing something huge ¯_(ツ)_/¯



I continue the story:

But the chickens forgot the gas on… so their planet blows up


The chicken, now VERY mad, decided to rebuild the machine and to make sure it couldn’t explode, but it had 1 flaw…

One of the parts was a counterfeit

An egg the size of the solar system called “The Father of all Eggs”
It’s gigantic, and will require a team of 100 spacecraft to take it down.

Imagine if it will be in the game :thinking:

However, we find our hero, at his most patronized Space Burger outlet, Outlet 2690-9196.

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