CI6 : Story Idea

Since their last invasion failed, The Chicken Henpire has decided to launch one last all out attack on Earth with their entire army. The Invasion is led by the Henperor himself.

Unfortunately, our hero is blissfully unaware of this and he is notified by Hen Solo who arrives just in time warning him about the invasion. However our hero tells him that they can wait until the chicken armada reaches the solar system .

However Hen Solo warns him that is folly because the invading army is so large, and therefore he convinces our hero to go and intercept the invading army. The duo set out to do this.

They meet the Henpire forces and engage in small skirmishes, our hero manages to destroy the right wing of the invading army . However, Our hero accidentally falls into a black hole and is taken away to the Retro invaders galaxy .

After many trials he somehow makes his way to the solar system and confronts the chicken Army in a final grand fight. He destroys the entire army and the Henperor flees with his bodyguards instead of fighting our hero

Earth has been saved again!


In this Hen Solo and Our Hero decide to pursue the Henperor and destroy him for good, and end the threat of any future invasion. . The Episode ends with the death of the Henperor in the Henpire Galaxy. And seemingly all chickens in the galaxy are wiped out.
However that doesn’t mean the end of the Henpire as it is soon revealed that the Henpress is still alive and there are chickens in other galaxies who are mobilising all around her.

There’s also another Plot element that I would say would be a good idea to be added wither to CI6 or CI7.

Hen_Solo betrays our hero and he is nearly captured by the chickens. Later in the episode Hen Solo amends his mistake and decides to sacrifice himself for our hero

What do you think about this


I will vote to this story



This oddly sounds like a retread of CI4

What do you mean
Why do you say so ?

It’s basically CI4’s plot, but done again.

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Sounds eerily like CI4’s story. Besides do we really need Hen Solo to come in again? The story could use someone else or maybe a pacifist chicken or something.

Edit: Now that I think about it, we could have a chicken itself to come and tell the main character and give him a rundown of the invasion and why the chicken is trying to help us. The chicken could befriend us and betray us later on (because its in their nature lol)

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