CI1 players?


If you have played CI1 reply #CI1


Post must be at least 5 characters, so I will just like this.




#CI1 shame windows 8+ broke the older games


I have played it


i have that. it was in my old computer in windows xp:disappointed::confounded::sob:


On 6th july(i think?), this game makes 20 years since is released.


#CI1 Lol, it was on an old PC who obviously couldn’t even run CI3.
RIP for the people who didn’t play CI1, you would’ve had an amazing time. Anyway has anybody seen my other post?


It’s still available for download, yknow?
No need to RIP anyone about it.


I know, but i’m talking about the OG players though.
I haven’t mentioned this I think, sorry.


Yes, but on more recent verſions of Windows it doeſn’t really work.


If you right click on the shortcut, you have properties and you can put compatibility mode on any windows’ version so it will kinda work just if you know how to set it up right in properties.

EDIT: Okay, nevermind, this game is literally heavily lagging in the start screen for some reason, i can run D3D11 games but I lag on a 2D game which requires only D3D7. This might be a compatibility issue for sure.


It was a classic, even though I don’t really remember how far I went!

As for the lag problem, I played it on a computer that still had Windows 7, and let’s say InterAction is aware of the lag problem: (top post)