CI1 Later Waves video

I made a video that shows what happens in the later waves in Chicken Invaders 1. Enemy health and speed aren’t the only things that get changed, and they have no limits on how much they can increase, resulting in weird stuff happening, such as invincible enemies, super-fast eggs and crashes resulting from too many enemies spawning. I also explain what’s the deal with mr. Big Chicken #214748363 and other invincible Big Chickens.

Note: I can’t get the video to embed for some reason.


Its Mr. Big Chicken #214748363 your favorite boss? Also he was very good on the daily top 10 yesterday.

Yes, because it’s impossible to beat without its weakness (the F6 key)


Do you know that from experiënce?


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@EmeraldPlay Excellent piece of investigative work! Reminds me of Pac-man’s kill screen in a lot of ways (developer-unforeseen overflows).

Trivia: These CI1 levels were first designed so that a reasonably good player would get a game over around wave 100. Maybe 150 if you were really awesome. But 2 billion? Nah :slight_smile: