if we did the chicken pass like all the other games that have the pass, this would be the turning point

how it works: let’s assume that we have to reach level 100 of the pass, and to reach that level, we have to do many missions by making points.

for new users, this has a head start to get keys quickly and easily

every 60 days the pass starts over.

obviously there won’t be skins for the spaceships, it will only be a gain of keys at each level


There is such a thing as that, its called the tier level up rewards system
And of course this is a permanent thing rather than limited time
I dont a battlepass is made possible for this game if the rewards are just keys, and even then if you want to includes items, you can just buy those in galactic store


in fact I thought about the “rank” but we could change the way to level up :slight_smile: by doing so

Explain then, the tier level up system is a good way for newbies to get lots of coin early game what changes do you want? If the answer is using a Battlepass then again the tier level up system does that as well but permanent and not required to spend money on

I’d say this is quite a good idea since tier leveling just straight up stops at 99 so you either grind even more missions or find another way to grind keys afterwards

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I would say that instead of the grade we put the pass, we do this with the pass, from 0 to 100 level, after 100 eg 101 you get every 500,000,000 points you get 300 keys. then obviously you have to consider the levels first based on a certain number of points you get keys such as the “grade”. I repeat that instead of the “grade” we put the “chickenpass”

This still ends being the tier level up system but you changed the name to the chickenpass and score requirement for 99 and 100+ being very stretch out for the key reward. The name is already good for what it is i dont a rename is an order. Besides the chickenpass still only gives out one type of reward (which is keys), it does not give a lot of good value of out of it compared to standard battlepasses which gives different types of things

This just sounds good on paper, but the premise is still very similar to the feature we already have.

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