Chickenboi`s wave ideas 1

hi guys! i didnt make wave ides since i joined. but now ill make a collection made by me!
lets start by wave 1:
Cut e`m Down
ok so there wil be a safe zone on the top right and chickens forming a scissor on the left like this:

(the white line is where the chickens will move, be fast!
also 3 scissors appear below 20%
5 from 20%-50%
9 from 50%-70%
15 from 70% and after
Wave 2: Icecream!
ok so here there will be chickens forming an icecream like this:

Wave 3: Trampoline!
here there will be un-destructible barriers forming a trampoline and 10 chicken jump in it
(it only appears from 50% difficulty) like this:
my wave ideas 3
Wave 4: Cloudy with a Chance of Snowballs
here there will a gang of ice chickens (depending on difficulty)with barriers protecting them and it only appears at snow missions like this:

Wave 5: Chick Guns
here 8 chick laser guns appear at top
after it 8 chick gatling guns like this:

Wave 6: Let us Dance!
so here a bomb appears at the top with colored barriers down but not at bottom with chickens dancing on it like this:

thats it! wait for my next ideas! bye bye!
note that these pics are made by photoshop

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I really like the ice-cream one specifically


uh oh polls is missing something! it will be deleted a sec then made

anyone has ideas?

ill stop these type of topics if nobody replied

The ice cream wave could be made by having the cone part (mostly made of barriers) be filled with enemies similar to the Splat wave.

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ok that looks good ill make it

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