Do Chickenaut deadly?If Chickenaut is terminator chicken,does it scary??

  • Yes,so scary.Spam Dimentional Phase-out!
  • No,it doesn’t scary at all.Thus we have good weps

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Why not just create a single topic for all the polls you need instead of creating a new topic for each new poll?

welll i’m bit excited

But it’s getting spammy now.

i’ll stop

You don’t have to! Just put them all in one thread.


You are allowed to put multiple polls in one post (it is possible). It is also possible to recategorize some of your posts as off-topic instead. Example:

How many of the Chicken Invaders games have you played?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • All of them

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Which of these bosses does NOT appear in the Boss Rush? (as a trivia question instead)

  • Magnetic Manipulator
  • Master Squawker
  • Henlley’s Comet
  • Bossa Nova

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However, you must add an extra name tag, unique for each poll (example, poll type=regular results=on_vote name=poll1).


Its scary if they are over 20 on the screen.

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