Chicken Invaders Universe=Rage Game?

InterAction_studios I have a idea game.Your game are very easy.
I have an offer to make this game very rage.I have first rage in Chicken Invaders 4 Ultimate Omelette.I in Chicken Invaders 5 never rage.I want return to rage in Chicken Invaders Universe.

This game dont need rage in my opinion, its fun adventure game. If you want rage play League of legends, Fortnite, CS, Dota 2 or stuff like that.

Rage in ci4? Lol,very funny. Besides,isn’t Ci supposed to be…casual? Whatever.


Rage in CIU?? That would make players quit or destroy their desktops due to rageness

Plan Update #06 has Superstar Hero on difficulty meter 5/8. It hints that there will be higher than that.

Jet Fighting Game where I always rage

Please dont do it more.