🎥 Chicken Invaders Universe official trailer (preview)

Looks like I haven’t seen it carefully, it’s my new ship



You forgot to use your translator

:bug: :bug: :bug: :bug: :bug:

Is this trailer for Chicken Invader Universe on steam ???


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Press F

But i cant see my spaceship

That’s because you either were unlucky or you didn’t customize it/give it a name

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i am unlucky.

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But i have entered named
OR may be i didnt look carefully

or herespacecraft-showcase-20210101l

or here again!spacecraft-showcase-20210101k

There’s my spacecraft.

@HeroWither16 do you have more than 20 hours of flight time?


Well check again then and stop spamming replies.

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This is hisimage

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Ok thank

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So it begins our last stretch, huh?
Let me see if Unfinished Gram, Legendary Will of the Milky Way, Grim Harvester and Winds of January are inside the trailer :upside_down_face:

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I think it’s telling that this trailer is literally the first time I’ve seen Clucker Bombs in action.

But seriously, as far as trailer feedback goes? It’s alright. The fact that the Gui is visible for the whole thing (especially for moments like the RNG planet display) makes it a bit odd, but the actual gameplay moments that have been chosen are pretty engaging.

Spaceship display was very nice tho. And it certainly does a good job of accurately showing the gameplay while also displaying some of the more visually engaging waves/weapons to keep interest. Just a few nitpicks (since it is for early feedback, after all. :wink: )

Can relate. :frowning: