Chicken invaders Quiz 3

Hello and welcome to the third quiz

Prize : Chicken Hunter License
Score : 110 to win the CHL
No. Of questions : 10 + bonus question
I will close the quiz after 2 days from posting it
Sorry for being late this time


Every week i post a quiz with 10 questions for 10 quizzes
If you passed 110 score in the final quiz you will win chl

Can you collect chicken legs in chicken invaders dos
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unknown

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Which update ThunderCluck has been added?
  • V83
  • V84
  • V86
  • V88.1
  • No Correct answer

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Who is the one that suggested ThunderCluck’s name
  • youraveragegrant
  • Recruit_75
  • Interaction
  • Pidgey
  • no correct answer

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What is which update absolver beam has been added to it?
  • V34
  • V35
  • V36
  • V37
  • No correct answer

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Who is the owner of chicken invaders wiki?
  • Interaction
  • Emerald bird
  • VerMish
  • GgWw1175
  • No Correct Answer

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Did the hero have a job before being a saver for earth
  • Yes, he was working for space burger
  • No
  • Yes, he was delivering pizza
  • Unknown
  • No correct answer

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What does chickens in chicken invaders eat?
  • Corn
  • They don’t eat
  • Space seeds
  • Space corn
  • No correct answer

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What is the power that is falling from chicken and other things?
  • They are the energy in that dimension
  • It is a video game logic
  • Power made to help the universe
  • It is the dark matter that helps there universe
  • No correct answer

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When was the first early access build drop out?
  • 2018 August
  • 2019 December
  • 2019 January
  • 2018 December
  • No correct answer

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What is the second name for ECCC?
  • Molecular Propulsor
  • Egg shooter
  • Ultimate omelet chicken ship
  • Egg cannon chicken cup
  • No correct answer

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Bonus question
Answering the wrong answer or not answering at all will give -1 points

Ci2 what made you not see the bonus wave? (Bonus question)
  • Shooting a rocket
  • Losing a life
  • Changing weapons
  • Not taking any atomic power
  • No correct answer

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What do you think?
  • Awesome
  • Yes…
  • It was bad

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The end
Not counted questions (answer in replies)
What is the best chicken invaders episode for you?
What is the age of th3 hero from your point of view?

I am going to vacation for the next 10 days so yeah see you soon



May be around 20 and 40.


Probably 20

I had CHI so,If I won give me 15000 @AhmedDM .
And Chicken Invaders quiz is amazing .


I have got CHL recently from winning the “CHL Giveaway” event on “Chicken Invaders VN” Discord server, so if I won please gift me 15k keys :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


120 years.

Because in CIU he is in the future by 100 years.

Bonus question isn’t exactly a bonus if you get a penalty for not answering it.


Sooo what should I call it

If I won I will give it to Adrian GFX



mans right here flexing on winning the lottery :pensive:


Regular question, required question, anything, idk.


Well win first then figure it out

CI3, CI4 and CI5

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From the fifth quiz i will start lowering the time and giving more plenty questions
I will reveal the leaderboard in fifth ,ninth and tenth quiz

In the tenth quiz you would only have 1 hour to answer all the questions
If no one passes the 110 score i would make another challenge
If no one success in the challenge i get to keep my money
If the winner have chl you can also win it for a friend or exchange it with keys
Any wrong questions for now on i would make a poll to see what do you guys want

Any bad behaviors would result in removing you from the competition
You can answer for fun if you don’t care about the chl and challenge your luck
Failing more than one question isn’t the end you can catch up by answering future bonus questions


Quiz 3 end
Check for your answers
Check if i voted in the question
If i voted that means the question is right


How much score did I get?

Try adding them i am going to reveal the leaderboard on the fifth quiz

The first place so far is iIfireIi i think

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