Chicken Invaders Memes V2

Is this a poem :skull:


Yes iranian ones !!

it’s literally written in English wdym



Don’t worry about Lacee. He gave me 90% chance for fighting with my “favorite” boss - The Burgermeister™ 3000

Well just made a joke from it you know about iranian poems

Limbo Moment

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Late reply but

Love that blue star in the background

Something tells me that people will dai

a lot

there are a lot of people made their tier list about weapons
so, I made my tier list of satellites

tell me if you agree with me
I will make spacecrafts soon


I said that I will make tier list for spacecrafts, and I meant ALL SPACECRAFTS

it doesn’t contain any rarity percentage and doesn’t conclude license money duplicate


i agree with this but i wouldn’t call the m408 overpowered


for me bx-9 and m408 are overpowered
but bx-9 is too slow so m408 is the best
and a lot of people agree with that

nah, m408 is just m404pi with extra satellite spot (and hitbox that is pretty huge)

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well I didn’t add the license duplicate money

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i mean +1 satelite area +1 power only extra 200 keys but if you have lisence

if you don’t have license then m408 is the best choice for you

uhhh i think its actually the other way around…

get buy with legendary on BX-9 are medium-slow speed maneuverability or m408 is an too slow in massive environments without any rarity.

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Bx 9 is slower in events

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So, if I bought if with rarity it should be fast?