Chicken Invaders Memes V2

Scene 1:Hmmmm…
Scene 2:Would You Buy A CI5?
Scene 3:gimme one,HEY THATS MY,I WILL BUY A ONE WITH 1,000,000
Scene 4 :WE LOVE CI5!
CIU:What Was That…Im Losing Downloading…

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Ye lol its the offical meme Of CI5U

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The whaaaaaaaaaat?


What ???

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CIU 138 or something google translated. Oh god, that’s a lot.

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Use your green smile for life! (order class: base_value: false)

Error: The first Superboy. “Imagination” is always a Christmas word. (after.sports.ban.cacat)

GDI uses “data length” instead of window “height”. 13% more than other languages ​​(such as Arabic).

give UVE Performance Support Plan (under preparation)

Properties: The box is solid and durable. In some cases, you may need to create a new security zone without returning to the selected location. (excluding restaurants)

MUMBAI - You have yours. Original Enemy Theme (starbrookle:medal_sports:view)

:bug: Boss Scream Chicken Added Boss Scream Chicken. (drink:coin_sports:bug)

Chuck Chuck Christmas (2004: Sports Awards: The Show)

:bug: Note: Show message pages in correct language (2012)

Do it These are the colors that control the movement of the ball below. (me123:player:reply)

Again, the second event is the first part of boxing.

:bug: Did I mention the hosting is unlimited? (OrvilleTheOrca: sports medal: error)

Rich and long lasting today’s colors are endless.

Fixed basket bug (KesGamingYT:sports_medals:bug)

Ah, Halloween. Colorless Sweet Girl (Body) Test (KesGamingYT:indondo_ezaret:bug)

the light

Weapons: Saturn’s damage and losses are good for all team members.

:pointer: Converts complex code into “fast” programs.

Error: Reward/Exchange: Bat/Turgidemon, Broken Bat

Nur: “Mormon”! Button: Tools on the right side of the screen (save: sport_medal: message).

Tools: Added automation support.

The secret behind the “Bosa Nova method” is not in the numbers (2004: Sportpage: review).

:lux: Problem showing connected players (Anadolu: imedali_sport: source).

Problem: Markings on the lunar surface slow the craft. (Drama: Drama Award: Liar)

:P: Dead money/skills. Most players are of the same type (Softwing) (Level 16: Reward: Bug).

Summary: Topic: New Super Topic (Day 2: Sports Medal: The Dream)

:perl: Miley Kalikaamaka - Salty as a Christmas Ornament (title:piotrek1113:medal_sport:description)

Error: News: Dogs disappeared between Christmas and Thanksgiving. (laorca:spors_medali: error)

Author: Dr. Bronze: Title (Game: Medal_Game: Error)

Tools: Log Android per line.

:nev: Sidebar: Added “Red Thanks” section (beta).

v.138.2 (beta only)

:error: Search screen. The black badge bug has been fixed (Mzdziungwa:medal_sports:bug)

Instructions: CI5. Fixed connection issues with other settings (Sapphire Berb: Medal_Sports: bug).

:bug:CI5:Star Effect (death:game_medals:bug)

It was made in a limited edition for Henry. Fixed health issues caused by bad actors (page:madalyon_games:bugs).

Fix missing images when you have wrong project names. (pdg: sports_medals: error)

Version 138.3 (beta only)

Instructions: CI5. They use the energy of the river water. (public:gameEnvironment:false)

:bug:ci5:Assie color (artembexline211085:maeli_sports:bug)

Application:- Security Device (Application)

Instructions: CI5. Evil Quest in Octopus (4-FX:Sports_Medals:Bug)

C5 is incorrect. Katja has not seen this page. (bad win: mixed_sports: bad win)

: Get something. Question 5: Play when game stopped (Ans1382:Medal_Sports: Bug)

The CI5 update removes the general health clone (post:medal_spore:bug).

:set: CI5. Remove HUD screensaver and enemy system (artembexline211085:sport_medals.more info)

Model: IC5. Remove the chicken forum link at the beginning of the Atropalk section (orviled orca:sport_medal: bug).

User Interface: CI5. Change the IceRock logo color to blue. (TheOrvilleTheOrca: Sports Medal: Comment)

Instructions: CI5. Chapter 10 (Bandicot) in the West.

Harper: Super Killer Chuck Oga (Low Rider - Big Money: Harper)

Medal: Colorless Star (Country: Medal Support: Freezer)

Baked and fried Peruvian chicken. (DGU: medal_sport: comments)

:error: CI5. I want to send you a gift. (HuyTheKiller: Madelon_Sports: fake)

: Unlock: CI5. Super Cannon is locked at level 0.

Name: CI5 Use CI5 to restore the health of all enemies. (Emeraldbib:medley_sports:comment)

Brightness: CI5 See image CI5 (Emerald: sport_medali.)

:bug: CI5: Fixed number of enemies in the first wave. (Emerald:games_medals:failed)

Abbreviation: CI5, CIU color display (Emerald:medali_sport:vision)

: Contact person: CI5. “Beetle” changes channel (Emerald:sport_middles:ERROR)

:bug:ci5: theme used: fields

:bug: CI5: global. Stable camera movement at home (250ms delay now) (Emerald:sport_medaljes:bug)

Intelligence: CI5 level. Easy Climbing (Related Page: Game Level: Help)

:bug: Weapons don’t progress properly when hitting enemies (energy).

:2:CI5:TIP: Add dirt, always avoid rocks. (EmeraldBirbe Arttembexline211085: Sports Award: Recommended)

Type: CI5. sword

Light: CI5 Water: Current Route 37 (Emerald: Coin_Sports: App)

Error in Centipede CI5 support (Emerald:game_medals:false)
:bl: CI5: Update: (emerald pin: game_medal: bug)

Error: CI5. The intestines. Enemies block the walls of the cemetery. (Emerald module: Medal_Game: Bug)

:bug: CI5: Mayor: Fix attack (pannarbi: Medal_sport: Bug)

Bug CI5: None: Fixed icon on security page screen (EmeraldBirb: Medal_sports: Bug)

:p: CI5: Bad courage: Show your enemy (Emerald Actions: Medal Hunt: Bug)

Menthol: CI5: Ice Cream Medal (Sapphire: Sports Medal: Innovation)

: Error: CI5. Enemies become “nets.” (emerald:game_honors: error)

:bug:CI5: Enemy waves are slow. (EmeraldBirb:medali_sports:bug)

:pg: CI5: Henry Ribbon Episode 11 (Emerald Bird:game_medal:pg)

:bug: CI5: Enemy level “Link” and boss level “Hunterprize” are incorrect. (Page: Title: Pig)

Answer: CI5. Drivers shouldn’t call them “police.” (emerald green bib:medal_sport:tips)

:pg: The name is wrong. (jamrudbird:game_honors:pg)

:bug: Start search with /name (deadlakevin:mid_track:bug)

An error occurred while loading CI5. Achievement: Chapter 1 (Emerald Birb: game_medal: Cheat)

:bug: No popcorn in the statistics. (aryan:medium_game: error)

Show: Destroy the World at Christmas.

Equipment: Only the beta version can fly. The first comparison. Reduce (1-12), -, = 0-9. 0-9 (1-10) replaced by soil.

:bug: CI5: Added chicken cart to many locations. (Emeraldbilb:medulo_sport:false)

Error. CI5. wrong font. (Emerald Spikes: Medal Game: Bug)

Chapter 138 Chapter 4 (Children)

Journey: High Bad (Leon Green) (The Emerald Thorn: Medallion_The Game: review)

Download the translation (CIU.taal.XX) to avoid errors when translating numbers (ans1382:medali_sports:bug).

Comments on CI5. Spend more energy than the enemy (Captain = 150%, Captain = 200%, Warrior = 250%, Bravery = 300%). Use this method when the complexity of the system increases.

error CI5. success ( bz : medulo_sports : error );

CI5 to interview. The First Stone (2004, series)

Beam: CI5 brake beam. Some enemies will come up to you and attack you directly. (HuiTheKiller: Medalhas_Esportes: Description)

Bad CI5. Show the first part (text) on the screen (HuiTheKiller:Sports_Medals: error)

CI5 specifications. Quick Run (see Tips_In-Game Rewards)

Purity: CI5. Turn up the volume on all CI5 speakers.

Notes: CI5 is a separate story

Version 138.5 (beta only)

Water level below C5. Move the camera to the right. During the war (at sea). (Link: Arnav: Sports_Midal).

Page: Fixed CI5 under display mode (EmeraldBirb: Medali_Sports: bug)

:bug: CI5 Ana Tier: Fixed issue showing default frame on loading screen (val 58) (EmeraldBirb: medali_sports:bug)

Damage: CI5: CI5 healer deals a lot of damage. enemy (“destruction”); Arms and Defense

Error: CI5. Fixed CI5 module bug (sappier-burbs: medal_sport: bug)

:ui:CI5: Pure Waves and Music (Arnav Katka’s Last Drink: MedalJ_Sport: Commentary)

:bug: Champion has 100% chance (25%) (emeraldbird:medal_sports:bug)

: Ramp: CI5: Information is no longer amplified. (EmeraldBirb: Sports Finance: The Dream)

:bug: CI5: jellyfish, submarine, ice, crystal, ice grinder (Rainbow Boy VN: medal_support: bug)

Blob: CI5: World Weapons (OneWingLunarian: Sports_Medal: Strategy)

Appearance: CI5 is now 100% in development (HuiTheKiller: Medal_sports: Idea)

Page: Vulcan Series: Transformation (Level 5)

: Agni : Movement of hand : Time of light

:err: CI5: Exact number of enemies. Part 4

c 138, 6

: Fix CI5 command/header (restart after CIU) (seahawkstreet:medal_sports:bug)

Mod: Best Mod (Scarlet Cube: Game_Medals: Thanks)

Tone: Balloons: Use Christmas and Easter themes.

: error: CI5: garbage call “connect to server k” (Bandicoot ans1382).

:pg: I was very surprised.

Error: CI5 message does not disappear from the screen (message: vag_support: error)

Note CI5: Installation complete.

Version: Easter Venus (Rainbow Child VN)

Illumination: true darkwave Now you can see the stars even in the dark. (TheOrvilleTheOrca: Sports Medals: Report)

Error: CI5: The image is not properly centered on the screen during playback. (before: media_support: error)

Electronics: Type CI5 / Damage: Box (New)

Instructions for use: CI5 underwater mode: press the button when the battery is low.

Note: CI5: Detailed descriptive comparison: Enter the company profile, not the department/location (eg My boss doesn’t like the color green).

:flash: show message: Added CI5 message.

: point: CI5: The power is removed later.

Version 138.7 (beta version only)

:P:C5: Classic Halloween color for girls.

Kamao Android/iOS: Unable to unlock device while running or waiting.

Video: God: My Eternal Cry. (Longer duration, higher negative voltage) (Revenge: OVA: Game of Thrones: False)

Bug: CI5: Best Business Manager (EmeraldBirbe: Games_Medals: Bug)

Unlock: CI5: CI5 Return to “Results” (EmeraldBirb: Medal_Sports: review)

Error: CI5: main planet: medals (military) and team (orc world: medal_sport: error)

Bug: CI5: Forgotten Tea: Too many enemies (Bath Rainbow VN: Medialia_Sport: BUG)
:puil: CI5: Score: 7 37 10% (长牛: Brand Type: Information)

Note: CI5 has a special star design (color) for Halloween (KAPET RainbowBoiVN: Medal_Sports: description).

Error: CI5: PIN still exists. (TaimanTim EmeraldBirb: Play Money: Cheats)

bo: loading milk run c5:37 (RainbowBoiVN: Medal_Sports: error)

Problem: Sun is shown as 4 stars (ANS1382).

Version 138.7.1 (beta version only)

There are stars within stars. (2sN: game tag: incorrect)
Version 138.7.2 (beta version only)

Tracks: Fixed maps, rooms still have buttons (1382).

:bug: CI5: Some websites are not safe for Android. (Aquarius_OVA: medal_sport: error)

C. 138, 7, 3

: Error in 138.5.5. 100% (25%) chance to win Hanborough medals in tournaments (EmeraldBirb:medali_sports:Bug)

Bugfix (New 138.7.1) (EmeraldBirb.medium_sports:bug)

Error: CI5. Christmas Theme Jellyfish (Green: Premium_medal: Insect)

Error: CI5. Stop the music/sound before pressing the button. (TimanTym: medal_sports: error)

:mouse: true (false)

Also: UAC Manager. Early Easter (kill:game_medal:skip)

Great holiday theme he is dressed as Santa Claus


time for me to post a single video and become incredibly inactive again


Et voila!

"Hi everyone I’m OVA and I’m not Aquarius.

We Drink coin spots here.

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I know,im just kidding.

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