Chicken Invaders Memes V2

mr. krab and the clown meme (you see sponge bob . no?)

What the hell

The quality hurts my eyes

Cause every multiplayer lobby needs a palpatine…

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countable pixels but i can kinda read

IA: All of you, get out!

IA: Except you (CI), you stay

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hes posting the template so it doesnt count

On the other hand, to games like Santa Claus,
smileyville, dan the man, htf (Happy Tree Friends), Loco, Piggly Island War 1 and 2 say go out!

Another Yolk-Star meme:
When Anti-fan meet Hiha (leader of Sinh To Team) and…


Hiha killed his Anti-fan :))

kinda offtopic

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He doesn’t own these games (he’s not EA)

but why??


I just suggested. Give me an idea and make an IA. Maybe this company will grow and become the most popular company in the world and the biggest game developers like tenset (which is not unlikely in the future to buy the whole game company from small and big and rich and sluggish!) Or its competitor NetEase !

Multiplayer vs league

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sr pelo ! no ?

I feel hurt