Chicken Invaders (CI5) experience on K1 smartphone

First and foremost, for context, this is what a K1 looks like:

With that out of the way, playing Chicken Invaders (CI5) on K1 is rather interesting.

Because the game is strictly on landscape, but K1 is portrait. With correct orientation, and some changes to the controls on the settings, CI5 effectively becomes a side-scrolling shoot-em-up game controlled using the physical keyboard in K1’s perspective. (It’s still landscape, but you’re holding the K1 in portrait).

You can also play CI5 normally by holding the K1 in landscape but the physical keyboard gets in the way. And when you tried using the physical keyboard and the touchscreen at the same time, weird things happen, as if both controls struggle for dominance.

Maybe this game will fare better on Communicator-style phones like, say F(x)tec Pro1 or Gemini Communicator.

The question is, why am I doing this? Why am I playing Chicken Invaders on an Android phone with a physical keyboard?

The answer? Pure curiosity. And because I happened to have my hands on the K1 for a while.

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well i… idk what to say :thinking:

I’m curious how would CI5 look like on 8K 80+ inch TV, but I doubt CI graphics are compatible with something like that.
Samsung Q900R for example.

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