Chicken Invaders Amino

Hello guys! Its not off topic.
I made a new community for chicken invaders in general for iphone and android users!
Here there is the link:

You can talk things related of Chicken invaders but you need to see the rules, if you want to join join if you don’t want don’t worry!


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So anyway, what does your amino have that this forum and/or the discord server doesn’t?

Im sorry but amino dont want black humor sorry :joy: inserted on amino because on discord you can’t post images stories and videos so i’ll do it on amino :smile:

Images on discord? You could always post images on discord,where did you get that from?

In that case I want to say that I created group in VK where I post important news and other stuff (primary on Russian but if there will be some people, I dublicate important posts in English). You can find it by searching #CIUFan.

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