Chicken Invaders 2 mobile meme% speedrun (it's a joke)



Link to the video

This is my meme% speedrun. It took me many years of planning and countless hours of attempts!


If you want to know what is real speedrun, i can give link for the best speedruner (kartacha).


Thanks, I’d really like to get a link


He is from my country. You can also look that his speedruns are number 1 except on CI2.




I didn’t understand the joke but ok


The joke? What joke?


The joke is that to achieve my time I just killed myself 5 times instead of doing any kind of effort whatsoever…
(I think that I should recategorize my speedrun as mame%).


my best speedrun in chicken invaders 4 was 57:30




On which difficulty?




Well better luck next time. If you want chek this guy channel with CI content, it will help you for better speedruns.


I’ve watched the world record speedrun of chicken Invaders 2, and saw that whoever did that speedrun used the Ion blaster throughout the whole run.

My question is: why did He also use it (the ion blaster weapon) in the final boss, when he could’ve used the neutron gun, which is stronger, instead?


It’s easier to clear the Chickens the Mother-Hen Ship summons with it.


In CI2 Ion Blaster deals 13650 damage per second compared to Neutron Gun’s 13750. So the difference is rather insignificant (though the sidemost projectiles for the most part don’t make the contact with the boss, which lowers it to 9750).

Also Ion Blaster’s spread helps to get rid of the chickens summoned by the Mother-Hen Ship.