Chicken Hunter License

i have idea so that we anybody can get free chl but not for a whole year or smth like that
but its for an only 1 week version and it can be only in 1 account you make and if you use it you cant get it again you have to buy it then first
and also i have an idea for that when you buy chl you have 4 options:
1 week
1 month
1 year
all time
all time has the same currency rn
1 year has ¾ the currency
1 month has half the currency
1 week has ¼ the currency
thats it bye!

The ideas you want
  • free chl for 1 week
  • 1 week/month/year/all time buying
  • none

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is my ideas great?
  • yes
  • no

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with code “PlasmaX” you can buy a subscription for CHL and 20K keys for half the price of a CHL

this idea sounds like a netflix membership

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get Free CHL Airdrop from STEAM

is there even a point to this? the game wasn’t made with losing the license in mind, you’d retain most of the licensed features you already used (contacts/missions over the limit, paintjobs, hardpoint slots) and the license itself is already cheap enough that buying anything less than a perpetual license would not be worth it

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