Chicken Bases

Some star systems could be shown as fortified,with red barriers around them.

To enter said star system,after you have gone over to the system,you have to play a 10*5 epic mission(probably overpowering it,but tell me your opinions),after which,players would have to try and finish as much missions as they can inside it as they contain the coveted Key Rushes.After ten minutes,they will be kicked out of the system,about three or four star systems away,after which a player cannot enter it again.After seven days or after each mission was successfully completed by any number of players,the barriers would another star system,and all the players in it would get kicked.

Chicken bases usually target star systems with a lot of players,regional markets,etc.,because imagine a heavily fortified system with just a sun and a planet.


I have an idea to make those chickens make a base randomly in certain place every time. It forces player to explore the map more.

Wasn’t that just what I was explaining all this while…

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