Chicken base raid - Mission for artificial moons

So, the idea is that there are base raid missions, where the starfield background is replaced for a pretty cliché mettalic base, and there are weapon turrets that shoot you from there, stationed. The weapons won’t do collision damage as they are on the ground (they are shrunk and darkened to denote that), but of course the shots will kill the player, as well as the turret can be destroyed by the player. Too complex/difficult waves would not make too much sense here because of the extra danger of ground turrets (want to prevent highly unfair waves towards the player), or maybe there’s no restriction to them but they are a really high tier mission type.

This mission would behave more like the old arcade shot’em ups where you destroy enemy bases with your spaceship/airplane/winged unicorn and defend yourself from enemy waves, but themed around all the Chicken Invaders universe. Here’s an example of how it could be:

Background’s image source here.


Not bad.

Just for the animation you deserve more than a “like”.
First of all I already see a lot of heavy bomber-users deaths there.
Regarding waves I think that few unique templates could be enough for this (Remember that retro missions have 3 waves wich are in reality 9 and sqwak blocks only 1).
Regarding bosses I think that normal bosses zoomed out with those turrets would be hard but cool (weapons a hard missions exclusive maybe?)

I know that reusing assets is easy to do (well… I think) but I would like to see a unique model for it.
Why not put egg drones minedields too?
(I don’t want to look like the guy who wants back old stuff but I think that in this scenario they would look cool)

Wait… are you joking or seriously a shoot em all game whit a protagonist like this exists?

Well, I thought I said it but I forgot that, but as in every shoot’em up, ground turrets are meant to be destroyed (you can miss them as the background with its enemies won’t stop) with firepower. Like, they check for collision for projectiles, but not for your ship. Will add that right now to avoid more confusion. ^^

Yeah, I used miniguns because I can not make art for this purpose, but they can be new turrets from the ground up or whatever it’s needed.

No, I am not joking. 90s were awesome.

Okay, it was a pegasus, not a winged unicorn, and it was late 80s. My bad.
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That’s so good, so you mean: not in the form of 'waves", but like ‘Strikers 1945’ or ‘Gunbird’.

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